Internal drivers

Update and Implementation of the GPW Group’s Strategy:

  • Implementation of initiatives in the GPW Group’s key areas (stock market, debt market, money market, derivative market, commodity market, information services for investors and issuers);
  • Identification of new areas of development and implementation of new projects;
  • Continued optimisations to enhance organisation and improve integration within the GPW Group.

GPW’s Potential Decisions to Modify Trading Fees

GPW was working in 2017 to align its trading fees with MiFID2. The new solutions effective as of January 2018 include:

  • two categories of market makers: ordinary and extended;
  • changes to the calculation of fees charged to HVP participants;
  • single maker-taker fees under the maker-taker programme for market makers of non-WIG20 shares;
  • new calculation formula in the Order to Trade algorithm.

The new legislative environment may require a further review and potential modification of fees charged on the financial and commodity markets.