GPW on the Capital Market

GPW has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 9 November 2010. The Company’s shares are listed in the continuous trading system on the GPW Main Market and the capitalisation of the company was PLN 1.97 billion as at the end of 2017, ranking #49 among all domestic stocks on GPW.

GPW shares once again participate in the dividend index WIGdiv of GPW-listed companies which regularly share profits with the shareholders, and in the RESPECT index of companies which follow high standards of corporate social responsibility

The Company is part of the mid-cap index mWIG40 since 19 March 2011 with a 1.54% share in the index portfolio at the end of 2017. GPW shares are also part of the broad market indices (WIG and WIG-Poland), as well as WIGdiv, the GPW regular dividend index. In addition, GPW shares participate in a number of small and mid-cap indices on the emerging markets, as well as indices which group securities exchanges, computed by global specialised, renowned index providers (including MSCI, FTSE Russel and SP Dow Jones). In December 2017, GPW was for the fifth time running included in the RESPECT Index portfolio, which it first joined in 2013. Thus, GPW is one of 28 Polish companies which follow the highest standards of environmental, social and corporate governance.