GPW is a financially sound company which has regularly paid high dividends to the investors for many years. The dividend yield was 4.4% in 2017. Since its IPO, the Company has paid PLN 13.54 of dividends per share in aggregate

GPW bell According to the current strategy, it is the intention of the GPW Management Board to recommend that the General Meeting pay a dividend depending on the profitability and the financial capacity of GPW, above 60% of the consolidated net profit of the GPW Group for the financial year attributable to the shareholders of GPW adjusted for the share of profit of associates. The dividend is to be paid annually upon the approval of the Company’s financial statements by the GPW General Meeting (“General Meeting”). To determine the final amount of dividend to be recommended to the General Meeting, the GPW Management Board will consider among others the following factors:

  • Capital and investment needs in the implementation of the strategy of the GPW Group;
  • The dividend yield and the pay-out ratios used by peer companies;
  • Actions necessary to develop the Polish capital market infrastructure;
  • Liquidity requirements of the GPW Group depending on actual and expected market and regulatory conditions, liabilities incurred in current operations and debt service, and optimisation of the GPW Group’s financing structure.

Dividend paid in 2017

GPW has paid the owners a dividend for each year since the company went public. On 2 August 2017, the Company paid PLN 90.2 million of dividend. The dividend of PLN 2.15 per share was paid to GPW shareholders who held shares at 19 July 2017 (record date). The dividend yield in 2017 at the closing price on 2 August 2017 was 4.4%.

GPW dividend from profits in 2010-2016

Year for which dividend was paidDividend paid (PLN’000)Dividend per share (PLN)Dividend pay-out ratio1Dividend yield2Dividend record dateDividend payment date
201690 2402.1570.71%34.39%19.07.201702.08.2017
201599 0542.3680.27%6.69%20.07.201604.08.2016
2014100 7332.4089.88%4.93%15.07.201504.08.2015
201350 3661.2044.45%3.31%07.08.201426.08.2014
201232 7380.7830.95%2.03%12.07.201326.07.2013
201160 4401.4445.19%3.84%06.07.201220.07.2012
2010134 7303.21142.28%6.05%12.07.201127.07.2011