Information services

GPW collects, processes and sells information from all markets operated by the Group. With GPW’s status as the primary source of data, including prices and volumes of trade on the platforms operated by the GPW Group, as well as indices and reference rates calculated by GPW (including WIBOR), its strong brand and diversified business within the GPW Group, the Company successfully reaches out to different groups of market participants with advanced information tailored to individual needs. The principal clients of GPW’s information services include specialised data vendors who sell data provided by the Company (including real-time and delayed data) to investors and other market participants. The data vendors include news agencies, investment firms, online portals, IT firms and others. Investment firms which use advanced methods of using data in trading, including automatic trading, risk management, portfolio valuation, etc., are an increasingly important group of real-time data users. The GPW Group’s offer of processed data meets growing interest of buy-side companies. The GPW Group added WIBID/WIBOR reference rates to its information services as of 2017. In addition to prices and volumes of trade from the financial and commodity markets, the Company provides data vendors with reports of issuers listed on NewConnect and Catalyst.